drinking rainbows

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The beautiful and strange I am inspired by the universe.
I love to discover the unexpected beauty in little things.

As boring and exciting as the learning process was I like having the ability to do this. Sadly I have not been exercising this. I feel I’ve forgotten a few important things :/

I have this project I’ve been working the last three days…I had 3 weeks but as usual I fell behind. Anyway the assignment was to use an everyday object and only that object to tell a story. The challenge was to express emotion, and drama through style and lighting. 

Here is a crappy sketch of the 1st spread


Clean cotton swabs woke up from a peaceful slumber on a perfect day.

For this project I was inspired by Google earth’s images where the ocean meets the land, rivers flow into forests, and the natural curves of the earth. There was something meditative about these images, which were completely objective. I am interested in the earth and the many forms it takes.

I wanted to capture the essence and beauty of the world beneath my feet and things that may go unnoticed. We live in a fast paced society, and I feel it is important to slow down and appreciate the little magical moments in life. These are my own personal moments with the earth.  I took pictures with my cheap camera from birds eye view and came up with these two abstract paintings. 



 Inspiration is everywhere!